Feature Requests

Feature requests are inevitably part of developing and evolving a software solution, and we welcome them. There are some things to consider however.

  • Any sizeable feature requests are quoted and billed to the customer who requested them. We may be able to take on some small & simple requests as part of our own ongoing evolvement or roadmap, but larger ones need to be client sponsored if they are going to tie up our resources for any sizeable amount of time.
  • All features requests will find themselves into the main product and available to other customers. As a customer sponsoring the feature you may get it early to try out, but note it is impossible to branch off different customised versions of the product for different customers each with their own feature sets since this would cause an enormous amount of maintenance and require additional resources.
  • The benefit of above is a customer might pay for one feature, but other customers will pay and sponsor others elsewhere, so it can come full circle as they all end up back into the core product and you can take advantage of other requests. It may also be possible for customers to come together to divide cost between themselves to sponsor the same feature.
  • This is a standard practice in the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model we follow and an approach to dealing with features given the complexity of developing and maintaining software, reducing risk for us, whilst still allowing useful features to progress.
  • If a feature request has impact on the known workflow and familiarity of the application and would affect other customers, it would generally be refused and a more complementary workaround looked at. We can generally add things to areas like new fields or complimentary functionality, even new screens or areas, which take on the characteristics of what is already there.