Submitting Help Requests

At the first instance, try restarting your computer (or a server) to see if it resolves the issue.

Is the issue mentioned in FAQ / Troubleshooting?

When submitting a help request, please submit the following information:

  1. Steps to replicate the problem. If we can replicate it, we can solve it. This can be a mobile video if easier but make sure it is steady and clearly shows record information and codes. For example does it happen when you open a certain record but not in others, or are in a certain area for example. "I have a problem with sales order code SO00123 when I do X". 
    • For desktop screen recording we recommend the free Techsmith Capture tool - it is easy to use and you can share the video to a website and get a link to paste into an email to send to us.
    • For mobile WhatsApp a video to: 07596290616 (office located mobile, unavailable if we're not in office).
  2. Sample data. Supply affected record codes and an example record, i.e. a sales order code, purchase order code, job code, or whatever you are inputting and where at a particular time to help us replicate it.
  3. Just me or everyone. Consult a colleague to see if they have the same or try on another computer logged in as another EaseSuite user, does the problem still exist? If not, try logging in as you on that computer, does the problem exist? Try another user on your computer? This narrows it down to whether it is a) Computer specific b) User specific c) Everyone, if you can cite this when you report the issue  it will help us to target the issue and replicate more quickly.
  4. Error Occurred. If you get an error display and the application shuts down, please supply us with the approximate date & time this happened so we can locate it in logs.

Please note our office hours are: 8:30 to 17:00 PM Monday to Friday. We cannot offer support outside office hours.

Matthew is available Tuesday to Friday (Mobile issues) and Mark Monday to Thursday.

Use where possible as we will both see it if someone is not available.