1. Item Abbreviations
    1. PO
    2. SO
  2. Terminology
    1. Form
    2. Line

We often have specific terminology and prefixing in the application and this can be used in support communication also. Below is an attempt to list these out.

1. Item Abbreviations

These are often used in template placeholders or we might also use them in support help to quickly describe something, e.g. "check the SO".

1.1 PO

Abbreviation for purchase order.

1.2 SO

Abbreviation for sales order.

2. Terminology

2.1 Form

A popup window, usually for entry, e.g. job form, sales order form are the windows that pop up when you open an item from a search list and then allow you to enter details to adjust an existing record or add a new one. Also see General Application Features.

2.2 Line

For example sales order line, purchase order line. This describes a line of information that appear on these items, generally in a list. For example a sales order has a list of products for sale containing their description, quantity, unit price, and there can be many of them to make up an order. Each of these rows is referred to as a line, for example the fifth line of your SO contains a wrong item.